Calze Tracy serving your feet, since 1986

Calze Tracy Srl was founded in 1986 as the Italian branch of  Talux – Rywan, for which we are the official producers.

We produce hosiery for women, men and children for every need, from work to leisure: tights, stockings, socks, knee-high, leggings and seamless items, innovating and coordinating production synergies, both inside and outside the company and embracing with strong conviction the philosophy of MADE IN ITALY.

Our Vision

Maximum customisation and attention to details

Calze Trcay is a unique partner to meet the needs of the major players in the large-scale distribution and retail, from yarn to customised packaging.

Research and development

Our exclusive patents

Calze Tracy stands our for researching and developing new materials and technologies for its articles, in order to offer an unique product fitting for the specific needs of the end user. Calze Tracy is the owner of the exclusive patent Climasocks®, a revolution in the art of sock's production. This patent allows the foot to breathe and stay dry.